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Recruitment Announcement for Research Associate


Beijing Universityof Agriculture andHarper Adams  University College,UK :

International Food Industry and Supply Chain Research Centre



One Research Associate Posts in international Food Industry, Business and Supply Chain Management Studies.



Beijing University of Agriculture



Beijing University of Agriculture andHarper Adams University CollegeUKbegan a collaborative international higher education programme in 2003 with the launch of two bachelor degree courses in International Business Management and Food Quality with Retail Management. These have proved highly successful both in student recruitment and in the quality of graduates qualifying through the programme. The partner Universities now wish to strengthen their collaboration and their courses further by developing joint research activities which will align with and underpin their teaching programmes, and have accordingly signed a co-operative agreement to undertake research projects in International Food Industry and Supply Chain Management Studies. Two new Research Associate posts have been created to undertake directed research in support of these objectives. The purpose of the research is to undertake a range of studies and analyses of changes in market conditions, business and supply chain management practices, and in consumer attitudes and behaviour inChina’s food and retail goods and services markets.


Job description:

-         <![endif]>Full-time employment

-      <![endif]>Undertake research projects relating to Food Industry and Supply Chain Management Studies initiated by staff of BUA and HAUC

-      <![endif]>Support student group research projects relating to International Business Management and Food Quality with Retail Management degree courses

-      <![endif]>Conduct appropriate primary research - interviews (structured and open) and/or focus groups etc.

-      <![endif]>Design, implement and analyse surveys as appropriate

-      <![endif]>Conduct monitoring exercises as appropriate

-      <![endif]>Conduct secondary research – for example: library and web resources, official statistics, legislation and policy, published research, organisational profiles

-      <![endif]>Provide feedback and communicate with BUA and HAUC staff leading specific projects.

-      <![endif]>Report regularly as required on progress to the Director of The International Centre and periodically to the Project Director based atHarperAdamsUniversityCollege


Job and Person requirements:

-         <![endif]>Minimum education level to MSc in a relevant subject area

-         <![endif]>Two years of prior professional experience of research in a University and/or commercial business environment would be desirable

-         <![endif]>An understanding of and interest in supply chain management, retail sector and/or food industry developments

-         <![endif]>The ability to work independently and to be self motivated

-         <![endif]>Excellent oral communication skills in Mandarin and English – essential

-         <![endif]>Excellent written skills in English – essential

-         <![endif]>Have an understanding and experience of conducting statistical surveys and analysis

-         <![endif]>Have ability to use statistical software to analyse data

-         <![endif]>Experience in drafting reports and/or academic papers is also desirable.


Duration of contract:

An initial two-year contract, with a review of performance after 1 year and the potential for further renewal depending on successful research outputs of the Centre.


Important note:

-         <![endif]>This job is a full-time contract job, which ICBUA will not responsible for the research associates’ application for Beijing Resident Card, and will not holding their personnel files. (*此职位为全额拨款事业单位编制外聘用,转户口和档案关系)

-         <![endif]>The payment of the job is about RMB3000-5000Yuan/month before tax. All the social charges payment areaccording to the related national regulation. *工资待遇为3000-5000/[税前],并按国家规定交纳相关保险。)


Recruitment Process:
- Candidates should submit a typewritten letter of application setting out their reasons for the application and the experience and personal attributes they would bring to the post, accompanied by their CV. Both the letter and CV should be in Chinese and English. These can either be emailed (Email address: cuilina1201@163.com), or be posted to International College of Beijing University of Agriculture
ICBUA, before the 31st January2011
- Short-listed candidates will be interviewed in English in Beijing at the ICBUA on February.
- Candidates will be expected to make a short presentation at the interview in English of some research they have conducted







Contact Us:

International CollegeofBeijingUniversityof Agriculture

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Chang Ping,Beijing, P.R.China

Postcode: 102206

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Webpage: http://www.bua.edu.cn/







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